The CryptoBags Project

English translation. All my life I have been drawing and I love nothing more than being creative. Towards the end of 2014 I quit my own creative studio because it was no longer financially feasible and certainly not with a family. I never gave up drawing but I didn’t have the patience for it anymore and didn’t like it for a long time because of the negative experiences of being self-employed. For years I drew the most beautiful cartoons and made the coolest illustrations for various companies and now with the rise of the NFTs I got super excited again.

Disclaimer! Before you continue reading here is a little announcement. These blogs are NO advice to invest in NFTs. I am NOT a financial advisor. Everything I write here is my own experience, opinion and finding after a lot of research ( DYOR ). So this blog is meant to inspire you but always do your own research! If you don’t understand anything about NFTs or Cryptocurrency then look for a professional for the right information.

About the CryptoBag NFT

Some say that cryptocurrency will not survive, others believe that this new technology will last forever and become part of our world economy. The CryptoBag NFT collection symbolizes this digital revolution, the struggle between generations and the dawn of a new era.

Michael-Robbert 2022

The Project

How difficult is it to create an NFT collection and what do you need to mint a collection? Do you start with 10 images or go straight for 5 or 10K NFTs with the help of NFT generators? Which blockchain should I use? How do I start promoting my NFTs with no budget or team?

The CryptoBag NFT project is a personal mission to show you that any NFT artist can launch a beautiful collection of NFTs on their own with a small budget, no team or roadmap. In the coming weeks I’m going to share my NFT experiences in a blog and hope to inspire you to chase your dreams. Launching an NFT collection is not a guarantee of success but the very act of trying is what drives me.

The collection

The collection consists 70 digitally drawn images. No generators were used and all elements were conceived during the creative process. Each image is 2000px by 2000px in size and allows the buyer to display the image on digital screens. The use of the logos of the HOLO, LITECOIN and ADA series has been officially authorized in writing by the foundations and the other crypto or brands are covered by the Common License.

CryptoBag NFT made By Michael-Robbert ( Mikyair ) 2022

There are several variants of each series. There are 1 COMMON, 1 UNCOMMEN, 1 RARE, 1 SUPER RARE, 1 EPIC and 1 LEGENDARY image available in each series and in total there are 10 series. The series consist of BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, NFT, DOLLAR, CRYPTO, YEN, HOLO, LITECOIN and ADA.

The Roadmap

I started this NFT adventure because I really wanted to develop my idea. I am not saying there will never be a roadmap but its not my priority. My first goal is to mint the collection to show it to the community and collectors and I have created unlockable content to compensate a little bit that I have no roadmap. If you have an idea? let me know and who knows there might be a roadmap sooner than you think.

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