How to launch my CryptoBag NFT collection.

English translation. Creating your own NFT collection is not something you do overnight. I am working on my NFT collections for weeks now and still my collection is not finished. Creating an NFT is not difficult but if you want to deliver quality you will have to work with a plan. Over the next few weeks I am going to share my NFT experiences in this blog and hope to inspire you in creating your own NFT collection. I hope my stories will bring NFT artists together and knowledge and expertise will be shared with those who need our knowledge. I am not a great writer so if something is not clear please seek contact via my twitter and I will respond.

Disclaimer! Before you continue reading here is a little announcement. These blogs are NO advice to invest in NFTs. I am NOT a financial advisor. Everything I write here is my own experience, opinion and finding after a lot of research ( DYOR ). So this blog is meant to inspire you but always do your own research! If you don’t understand anything about NFTs or Cryptocurrency then look for a professional for the right information.

The concept

A few months ago, the idea of creating an NFT collection began to take shape. I had already worked out a number of failed concepts on the computer but really a good start for an NFT collection was not there and also I had no knowledge about how to present my NFT collection. I spent the first few weeks mainly searching the internet hoping to find all the information I needed. But what I mostly came across was a lot of the same. Lots of explanations about which blockchain and which marketplace to use but not really the simple explanation of how to create and launch an NFT. Also my questions via Discord, Telegram or twitter went unanswered. So my conclusion is that it is very difficult for the beginning NFT artist to find and get help. Without name recognition or status in the NFT world, you are on your own. While searching for all this information, I also read many stories about the pros and cons of cryptos and NFTs. I read stories of fudders and people who will never use crypto. But I also read the success stories of people who do like crypto and trading NFTs. Through my search for information, I came up with the idea of translating the struggle between 2 audiences and generations into an NFT collection and I named it The CryptoBags NFT.

Creating the first NFT

Ok, I had an idea and the next step is to make my first NFT on the computer. I mainly use Adobe Illustrator for making my art because I like my work to be in vector. By using vector I am sure that my work will always be beautiful and sharp when it is enlarged. I had a lot of frustration with finding information about sizes and color extensions. You can design files in RGB or CMYK and both have their advantages and disadvantages. RGB images are often seen on the Internet or digital art and CMYK images are often used for printing. This search caused me a lot of stress but finally I found the right person who could help me. Because even though I am an experienced designer making an NFT is slightly different. I decided to make my images 2000px by 2000px and 72DPI. This has a number of advantages and that is that my image will be nice and big enough for print and display in the Metavers. Read this article about NFT sizes of popular NFTs like BYAC, VeeFriends and Cool Cats. This link will take you to a handy PDF that can help you export your NFTs correctly.

Build your community

What is the most important thing? Right, having a community or network within NFT communities. I have a personal Twitter account with less than 60 followers and a project account with even less but they are growing slowly which is good because without followers it is very difficult to promote an NFT collection. I notice that through Twitter the most interaction comes and that there are also some nice communities. On twitter you can find the community “NFT art Community“. A group of 4K members and all passionate NFT makers. I am a member of that and it has already given me a lot of interaction. By following other artists, interacting with tweets and most importantly staying honest and sincere your account grows. There are also NFT artists who have a large number of followers and use their network to help other beginning NFT makers. For example, follow ArtVisionNFT this lady makes great digital art and gives others a chance to promote their work. So my advice is to start building your community early, start a Twitter, start promoting and seek interaction. When the time comes to launch your NFT collection there is a greater chance you will get support. Another tip is to pay close attention to what Hashtags you use. Do not spam too much but consider carefully what you send. Check out this site for help with Tags search LeeTags. Another piece of advice I can give you is to prepare your tweets. Preparing your tweets and scheduling them in a calendar will give you more peace and less stress. For Instagram you can check Later App and for Twitter you can use Twitter.

Whats your NFT Utility?

Any NFT can have an extra addition than just the digital object. With an NFT, a person can receive a physical artwork that matches the NFT they purchased or gain exclusive access to events or other extras also called utility. I decided that the buyer of my NFT will receive one Cryptobag NFT. In the meantime, I am already looking further into new solutions and opportunities.

Choose your marketplace and blockchain

Choosing a blockchain is an important choice and can affect the success of the NFT collection. To offer your NFT you need to offer it on a NFT marketplace. There are lots of options to choose from but I researched Magic Eden, Rarible and OpenSea because here I can be traded with Etherium and Polygon. I made my choice to use Magic Eden because it is just less expensive. To sell your NFTs through ETH it will cost you a lot of money and I don’t have that kind budget. But to explain my choice I advise you to watch this video. Another thing I want to mention is the “Lazy Mint” option on Rarible and OpenSea. Lazy Minting is another way to offer your NFT collection for free. With Lazy Minting, the NFT is on the marketplace but NOT on the blockchain and therefore there are no additional costs. Once someone buys your NFT through Lazy Minting the buyer also pays all the Gas Fee. After the transaction, the images will be put on the blockchain and it will really be an official NFT. Lazy Minting is the cheapest option but also has its disadvantages and that is the buyer must be willing to pay all Gas Fees. I choose Rarible for now because it really is the cheapest option and also because it works with a Polygon that I am already familiar with.

Start promoting your NFT

Are you still reading along? Then you have arrived at the most fun part of all. Making an NFT is fun but actually putting it on the internet is even more fun. I have to admit it is also very exciting and I was even a little nervous. Promoting the NFT collection is not something you do in 1 day and will to take a lot of time and perseverance. Be aware of that too and don’t stop promoting your work after a few days. I started by creating a Twitter account and a website so I can tell people more about my project and then I started creating and scheduling for promotional tweets. For my tweets I use a lot of teaser images that I create in illustrator and then export as PNG. I choose PNG because it’s just nicer than JPG and contain more details. Presenting the images in the right sizes is also very important so check out this site for the latest formats. The best dimensions for your Twitter feed images are 1024 x 512 pixels and then a PNG export. What I have noticed is that video or moving images sometimes catch on better than static images. If you have the possibility to create nice videos I would really recommend that. I mostly use Adobe premiere of Apple Movie Maker. Another great tip is to use the mobile app InShot for IOs or Andriod. This app has lots of features to quickly and beautifully create moving videos from moving images or static pictures. One more thing about NFT promoters. You will be approached by promoters while promoting your collection on Twitter. This costs money and it is not always clear what you will get in return. Start networking with other NFT artists who may want to help and above all try it yourself first. Also drop your NFT on NFT calendar and list on RaritySniper. Good luck promoting your NFT collection and if you have any questions drop a DM via my Twitter.

Marketing your NFT collection is tough!

Promoting an NFT is really quite difficult and especially if you are alone. I’ve been at it for just under a week now and I can tell you it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, I am a go-getter and keep trying but it is really hard to get publicity for a new small NFT collection. I must confess that in the beginning I did think it would go faster but in the end I just gave myself more time. I am secretly a bit afraid that people will copy my NFTs as long as they are not on Magic Eden. To be allowed to mint at Magic Eden you need to have more than 100 followers on twitter and that seems easy but believe me, it’s not. Networking and getting trust from the community is very important for the growth of your community. I’m a member of a few Discords where I am able to ask for help but thats not on every server. People get fed up quickly when you start spamming so my advice is not to over rush it. Please read this article for very useful tips to promote your NFT. To boost my NFT collection, I made a teaser on Twitter with Adobe Premiere, approach familiar network, communities and contacts. Promoting an NFT collection is just very complicated and above all don’t give up! The first few days no one will respond. The 2 and 3 week you will already get more reactions and after 2 months the interaction will really start.

How to Mint your own NFT

Let me be clear that minting an NFT collection can be very stressful. Over the past few weeks I have been reading a lot and also trying many new things but minting remains difficult. In the end I chose Rarible because I feel I can find the most on this platform and also because of the low cost on Polygon. My collection is now online and I now know that you can also put a collection of Rarible on Opensea. Minting a collection is not difficult but make sure you enter everything correctly at once. If you make a mistake you can not remove the NFT. Unfortunately, I have made a number of mistakes, which is why I am reporting this. I have therefore had to burn a number of NFTs. This means that the NFT goes out of the collection and is sent to a burnwallet where no one can ever access it again. He may be gone for good, but the NFT is not of the blockchain. It is a great solution but it is very clumsy and can be confusing. Try to avoid making a mistake! I read a lot and this website was the most clear to me. What does burn mean? You can also share your collection with another creator and split the royalties. I have not set this up but may soon. Here is an article that explains this option. There is also an unlockable content option on Rarible, however, it is not active on Polygon and therefore I had to change my plan. My CryptoBag NFT collection can be found on Rarible through this link. If you have any questions please ask via my twitter.

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